Gold Frames


Well that was a long break! (haha) I am not sure if there is anyone around here to read this…

I spent the whole day yesterday making cards, and I thought I would share my favorite one here. I don’t make cards regularly anymore (as you can imagine seeing how this blog has been dead for three years!) but once in a while I try to make some time to design a whole bunch of cards.

So here is the best of the nine that I made yesterday:


Ruffled Flowers 1

What I think made this card the winner: The bright colors, the gold frame, and the contrast between the the dark gray and the white center, and I love anything with a frame!

Did you notice my face on the card? I almost didn’t put it, this is just for fun! A while ago, Jen had sketched this image based on my picture, it doesn’t really look like me (that wasn’t the intention I think) but I thought it was very cool!

Here is another look at the card:

ruffled flowers.jpg

If you care to see my other cards, you can find them here.

I hope to post more often and share something interesting once in a while. Let’s just hope that it won’t be another three years before my next post!

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