CASE Study Challenge #165


It is the first week of November at CASE Study, which means we have a new muse! This month we will have Keisha Campbell to inspire us with her beautiful and elegant work.

We also have a new month long guest designer;  Amy Tsuruta. Welcome aboard, Amy!

Here is our first week’s inspiration:


Love the frame and love all those neutral colors!

I couldn’t make a frame as I was away from home and didn’t have my craft knife with me. However, I did have a similar pattern paper and some cool numbers washi tape.

CASE 165

I started this card by first choosing a sentiment; something I almost never do. I thought of my talented niece and decided to go with “Absolutely proud of you”. It is an interesting approach and I am glad I gave it a try, especially since it made designing a bit easier when my mind was a bit blank.

I also tried a new thing, which is stamping on fabric/ribbon. I am not sure what to call it, it is some kind of thick ribbon and it was a gift from my blog friend Wida.

Try as I may to design in a random scattered fashion, my cards always seem to end up looking calculated and a bit stiff! Well, I should just keep trying 🙂

Please stop by the CASE study Challenge blog and check out what the rest of the team has created along with our muse Keisha, and guest designer Amy.

Thanks for stopping by!


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