Planning a Design

Do you make cards without a pre-planned design? I rarely do so. I always try to have an image of the design in my mind before I go into making it. However, when I saw the video in this post by Jennifer Rzasa of her making a card for the 10 Minute Craft Dash Challenge, I was inspired to just walk into my craft area and make a card!

I said to myself, I will just choose a stamp set and get to work. I chose the Hero Arts/Studio Calico “Oh Snap” set, had a recipient in mind, and came up with this card:

You Rock

I don’t usually use patterned papers but I do have a couple of 6’x6′ packs. So to stop myself from thinking too much about a design I decided to start by stamping on patterned paper.

First I stamped the layered hexagon with brown ink on green patterned paper. Immediately I realized that I didn’t like the brown ink, and that I would like to layer the hexagons in different colors. So I stamped on the other side of the Patterned paper (which was yellow) in gray, then again on green, and then on the paper that was right next to them (red). See, not much thinking on which papers to choose 🙂

After I was done trimming and layering I set it next to the green paper/brown ink hexagon which I had already trimmed. I thought they looked like tiles and decided to make a few more. And why discard the brown inked one? It would be fun to mix it up! So I stamped twice more with brown ink and made the second layered hexagon.

I tell you by this time, I was a bit tired of trimming and layering! I went ahead and trimmed the large red hexagon and then went on to play around with the arrangement of my tiles. Once I settled on the arrangement shown, I decided to make the red one a bit unique and trimmed the black&white paper. I was going to leave it at two layers, but decided to add the heart sticker at the very end after I was done stamping and adhering the tiles.

Most of the times when I make an unplanned card, it usually ends up in my box of “uncool” cards or  the garbage. However I am happy to say that this one made it to the mail box and now in my blog 🙂

I am submitting this to the Moxie Fab World’s The Mixy-Matchy Style Challenge. I think it is a fun challenge, and I will probably make one or two more cards for it.

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