Tuesday Trigger: Pastel Pretties


A very quick post to share a card for the Tuesday Trigger challenge:

Here is my card:

Candy Jar

It’s a candy jar and here is how I made it:

  • I found a free jar image, sized it and printed two copies on acetate
  • Trimmed the jars and placed a thin line of Pinflair glue gel (Thanks Taheerah!) along the edges of one of them, keeping the top open.
  • Carefully placed the other jar on top and left it to dry for about an hour
  • When it was dry, filled the jar with sugar coated candies (recipe: 5 punched circles glued together)
  • Wrapped white embroidery floss around the neck of the jar and tied it in a bow.
  • Finally squeezed in some satin fabric through the thread to make a covering for the cap.

I didn’t have a stamp saying “welcome baby” so I just wrote it out with a silver pen.

You may be wondering why I made a baby card with a jar of candies…well, the pastel colors reminded me of baby themed colors, so there it is.

One last thing, I am happy to let you know that the candies move around when you tilt the jar or shake it. However, I am very sad to let you know that my daughter destroyed the card right after I took a picture of it. My fault, in my hurry I left the card in the  photo tent, which I keep on the floor…and she had been eyeing those candies while I was making the card. Ah well, at least the candies are intact and next time I make the jar, I will try to do a neater job.

Well, I guess it wasn’t a quick post after all! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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