Stamping Fun with Tuesday Trigger


I made this card inspired by the Tuesday trigger at Moxie Fab World. However, I must confess, I made about five cards before I was satisfied with the alignment of my stamping!! They didn’t go to waste though. They are good Thank You cards, just weren’t good enough for the perfectionist me :/ For example, the one before this one had the right bottom leaf a hair closer to the “s”, and as a result, the sentiment looked unbalanced! then the one before that was just like this one except the leaves were grainier…which happens when your are stamping solid areas with dye inks. And the others with similar minor mishaps…ever wish you had an undo button while stamping? ūüėÄ

I used a Wplus9 stamp to make the plaid strip, and a Hero Arts leaf stamp for the foliage. The sentiment is from Fiskars. and here is the trigger photo which I already shared in the previous post:

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