Second Card for Runway Inspired #22

Here is another card for RIC #22. I got the idea for this card when I came across a blog about Zantangle. I didn’t know what it was, but it looked very interesting so I explored. There were some tutorials, and when I looked at this tutorial for creating a Paradox, I was Fascinated! And this happened right after the RIC #22 challenge was posted, so I immediately thought that I had to incorporate this into a card somehow.

Well, I could’t really think of a clever way to incorporate this into a card, so I just made it the focal point:

I had originally thought that I would draw and color the pattern, but since I love working with paper so much, I decided to paper piece it. And I did have a lot of fun making this! Can’t wait to make another one…maybe with a more interesting design the next time.

RIC#22 inspiration photo:

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