CASE Study Challenge #182


I am back with a new CASE Study challenge with Joni as our muse.  The inspiration is a gorgeous vibrant card! Check it:


I went with the inking and splatter for inspiration, and added one my favorite techniques; masking!

CASE Study 182

and it is an interactive card! When you pull the side tab, it reveals the rest of the sentiment:

interactive card

What’s interesting is that I didn’t plan it to be interactive from the beginning. A particularly large droplet of water led me to cover up that area by adding a moon to the scene. Since I was going for a one-layer look, I decided to die cut a circle and insert a white circle in it’s place.

Then as I was deciding on the sentiment and it’s placement, I thought a circular sentiment on the moon would look interesting. So I pulled out all my circular sentiments that would fit, and the one with the heart shape and ‘love’ looked the best. I was done and left my card, or at least I thought I was done…when I came back to look at the it again, it didn’t seem right; ‘Love’ floating in the sky. I thought ‘Love you’ would be better, but I wasn’t going to add any more elements to the sky area since I wanted it to be the focal part from the beginning. That is when the idea to make it an interactive card came. With a little bit of card engineering I was able to put the idea into action 🙂

I won’t try to explain how I did it, even though it is quite simple, it is not easy to explain without pictures. But if anyone is interested, I could do a video later on.

I hope you stop by the CASE Study challenge blog and play along! There design team along with our guest designers and Joni herself have some amazing projects to share!

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