CASE Study Challenge #177

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I have been a little busy lately since I started taking two classes beginning of January. One of them is a course in Emergency Medical Training (EMT), which is quite exciting except for the -reading of the long chapters- part. The other is a Microbiology class-more on that in a little bit.

Despite being busy with the classes and a few other things, I still squeeze in time for card-making. I think I have become quite efficient in the process. Whereas before I would think for days and then take hours to execute my design, now I do all that in a couple of hours out of necessity!

Today’s card is inspired by our amazing muse at CASE Study Challenge;  Danielle Flanders


When I first saw this card, I thought it had a very cool and interesting design, though nothing clicked in my mind as to how I should interpret it. I knew I liked the colors and the clouds, so I think that stuck with me when I took some time yesterday morning to make my card:

CASE Study 177 Tasnim

As I was brainstorming what to make with red/orange and clouds, I remembered something from my Microbiology class. For those who don’t know, Microbiology is the study of microbial organisms such as bacteria. In one of the introductory classes, as I was fighting to stay awake, I heard something about the beginning of our planet…microbes…atmosphere…then the sky not being blue. My eyes shot open at hearing this piece of interesting information, but I decided to defer my inquiries until the end of the class. Later I learned that the reason we see the sky as blue is because of the Oxygen in the atmosphere, and my professor further mentioned that the sky was probably orange at that time. I walked out of the class imagining how the world looked like with an orange sky 🙂

Ok, so back to the card, that is an orange sky (as the sentiment says) and not a sunset 😀

I saw the silver/gray diagonal stripe on Danielle’s card and I knew I had to use my silver striped washi tape, which I used for the clouds.

As you can see, I coined up the sentiment from the elements of my card. Added the dangling little heart secured with a staple. I always wanted to use a staple on a card, and here was a golden chance! I punched out the heart using some deep red card stock; glued two hearts together with the cord in between, and applied glossy accent on one side. It looks really pretty close up, like a fresh sparkling cherry 🙂

Do stop by the CASE Study Challenge, for the inspiration there is overflowing!

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