Tuesday Trigger’s Emerald Elegance

Hello everyone!

I usually make a card for the Tuesday Trigger challenges on the weekends, but this time I couldn’t wait until the weekend! Here is the reason:

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I really like the colors and print of the fabric! But more so the head piece with the butterfly!! Initially I wanted to incorporate all the elements in my card, but there just wasn’t enough space for it, so this is what I made:

Tuesday Trigger: Emerald  elegance

This is how I made the background of my “head-piece”:

  • I die cut an oval from Post-it label and used the negative to ink the center area with distress ink “peacock feathers”
  • while the mask was still on, I stamped some flowers and leaves with the same ink. I also did a few dabs with distress stain “picket fence” but the effect was very subtle.
  • I removed the negative mask and placed the oval mask over the area I just inked and lightly inked the surrounding to create an ombre look
  • When everything was dry I embossed the gold frame.

I had to press the piece under some weight as it got a bit warped. Popped it up on some foam dots and attached the feather and the flower. I wish I could say I made the flower, but it is store bought. It is made of fabric. I think the feather is a mini peacock feather, I am not sure though. I found it on the floor of one of the Isle at Michaels where there were Peacock feathers. I asked the cashier if I could have it and she said yes. So I got it for free!

Here is the card from another angle:


Thanks for stopping by! If  you have any questions, feel free to ask!

P.S Special thanks to Taheerah for helping me decide on a design element!



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